Guide: ArcheAge-passing solo-danzh “the Last frontier”

February 24, 2020

Guide the Last frontier, or just buy in-game currency

Recently, a major content update called “time of heroes: a new frontier” was released for the Russian-language version of the MMORPG ArcheAge, which improved the graphics component of the game, as well as expanded the available content and brought additional gameplay features. For example, one of the innovations of the update was a single dungeon "Last frontier". In the meantime, we have a guide on the portal where you can find tips on how to pass it.

“First we hire heroes. Primarily, this frail Marian Norlett and Kurtash tank. The first light will heal your entire party, and the second can easily withstand all damage, including boss. Then there are the heroes dps is Rachel, to effectively destroy buildings, Altera and the Prince Isan. A total of 5 heroes. Senator Belion is neglected by many Koreans. On the tactics of combat, do not forget to use your commands, in particular the first skill that sends units to attack, and also try not to miss the soul and act as quickly as possible, because there is not enough time for everything.”

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